Short Essay on Teachers Day in English

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Teacher’s Day means – the day of teachers, this is the day. The day every student shows respect to teachers and gives him the respect that he really deserves. By the way, if the teacher is not dependent on any special day to get respect, but due to being a special day, he is given special respect.

Teachers Day Essay Outline

Name teacher’s Day 
date 5 September
key person Dr Sarpalli Radhakrishnan
when was it celebrated for the first time in 1962
Type as a national festival

Short Essay on Teachers Day in English, As we all know that the foundation of anything can be laid only on something strong, in the same way a teacher is also the person who strengthens the student and helps them to make them successful in order to achieve success in the future. does and makes him a successful person. 

Therefore, it is very important to have a teacher in every person’s life. That’s why we should always respect teachers because if a student can be successful in his life then only with the help of his teacher but that student is unaware of this.

Importance of Teachers Day

Since ancient times, it is believed that the importance of a teacher in a student’s life is very important. In ancient times in our country, students used to live in ashrams and stay there and get education. They had to work very hard to get education and even the children of big kings used to take education by living in ashrams in difficult circumstances. In spite of being the son of a king, he used to serve his guru and take education from him. Students used to spend a large part of their life in the service of the Guru in the ashram to get education and after getting education, the disciple used to give desired initiation to his Guru in Guru Dakshina. 

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There have also been disciples like Eklavya in our country who gave up everything to follow the orders of their Guru and immortalized their name in golden letters for birth after birth. But in the present times, there has been a lot of change in the situation between the education system and the gurus. 

Today teachers are known as taking money from student for his education price. Today, the respect of the teacher in the minds of the students is also not the same as in ancient times. In today’s era, Teacher’s Day is celebrated to maintain the importance of the teacher so that on this day all the students can know the glory of their teacher through various programs and respect them wholeheartedly.

When is teacher’s day celebrated

By the way, let me tell you that a teacher is never dependent on respect. But in many countries a special day has been announced to honor teachers. 

Teachers’ Day in is celebrated on 5th September to mark the. On this day, this day is completely dedicated to teachers in all schools and colleges. On this day students try to express respect for their teacher in various ways.

Date of celebration of Teacher’s Day in different countries

country name date
Bangladesh 5 October
Australia last friday of october
China 10 September
Germany 5 October
Greece 30 January
malaysia May 16
Pakistan 5 October
Sri Lanka October 6
UK 5 October
usa National Teachers Week is celebrated in the first week of May 
Iran May 2

Few words on Teachers Day

Teacher’s Day is celebrated every year in honor of teachers because they work hard towards their students throughout the year and they want their students to do well in school, university and other activities.

So that his name is glorified, on this day different types of programs are organized with great pomp in schools and universities across the country. These types of programs talk about strengthening the student-teacher relationship. In one word, we can say that these days are special days for both students and teachers.


As we know that teacher are just like our parents we spent too much time with them. That’s why their importance is more. So, we discussed all about Short Essay on Teachers Day in English, you will really enjoy it.

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