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What is Freelancing? How To Become a Freelancer?

Many people are not getting jobs. In such a situation, many people are eager to do freelancing . They want to know that What is Freelancing? How to become a freelancer ? So in this post we will know about freelancing in detail.

Looking at all these things, many people do their own business or adopt some method of earning online . There is risk in doing business and money is also involved. That’s why doing business is not in everyone’s capability.

The trend of earning online is increasing a lot. Many people make their living only by earning online. There are many ways to earn online out of which Freelancing is a very good way. So in this blog post we will know that freelancing kya hota hai? How can you become a freelancer? And what are the benefits of freelancing.


Freelancing is a contract-based business where individuals do not work in just one organization but provide their services to many clients .

Those doing freelancing are called Freelancer .

Let us try to understand freelancing with the help of an example. There is a YouTuber who makes his video but he does not have enough time to edit his video or he does not know video editing. Then he will find someone who can edit his video. He does not have enough budget to hire a full time video editor or he does not have enough work to hire a full time video editor.

On the other hand you get video editing. Both of you got in touch with any freelancing website (which you will know further in this blog post) or any other medium. He gave you the project of video editing, you completed it in the stipulated time, in return you got money.

This work is called freelancing and in this example you were a freelancer. Hopefully, with this example, you must have understood better what is freelancing.

For freelancing, you must have a laptop or computer, necessary software related to your work and good network connection.

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If you do not have a laptop or computer, then you can also do some freelancing work from a smartphone. Like content writing, video editing etc. Freelancing from a smartphone will be a bit difficult and time consuming.


What is freelancing ? We have understood this above. Now we will know how to become a freelancer. In this we will tell you three (3) steps which you can follow to become a good freelancer.


As we mentioned above ‘ What is freelancing ?’ I know that in this freelancers work for their clients with their skills. If you have any skill, then it is a great thing, if not, then learn such a skill which is in demand in the market and for that you can get a lot of money.

Here we are telling you some top skills for freelancing, which are in great demand in the market and you will get a lot of money for this.

Top Freelance Skills

  • Writing
  • Tutoring
  • Translation
  • Video Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile App Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Now you have learned the skill for freelancing. But the question comes from where will you get work for freelancing?

You can get work in many ways like one of your relative has given some work or you can go to any company’s website and click on the option of ‘ we are hiring ‘ to see if they are hiring freelancer and for whom Do you have that skill that is needed in it, if yes then you can contact him.

The best platform to find freelancing jobs is ‘Freelance Website’. On these websites, you will find work related to almost all skills.

Here we are telling you some top websites for freelancing where you can register and find work easily.

Best Freelance Website

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Guru
  • Freelancer
  • TaskRabbit
  • Truelancer
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Freelance India
  • Simply Hired
  • Writer Access


In freelancing, you are unaware of the employer (client) and the client is unaware of you. So how will the client believe that you know the work for which you are applying or not? Will you be able to do its job well or not? You can overcome this problem by creating your portfolio / website.

Let us try to understand it with the help of an example. Suppose you know content writing and you want to do freelancing in content writing. So you can create a blog of your own where you can publish some articles (blog posts) related to the subject in which you want to do freelancing. With this, whenever a client asks you to show your work, then you give him the link of your blog.

From this example you must have understood what is the role of portfolio in freelancing.

Its subsequent process may be different on different freelance websites. But mainly it happens that there is a lot of work available, in that you bid for the work that suits you . Will give work to the client whose work ( portfolio ) and price will be liked.

In the beginning you may not get work for a few days because you are new there, you have no experience so clients will shy away from giving you work.


We have already known above that what is freelancing ? How to become a freelancer means how can you become a good freelancer. Now we will know that if you become a freelancer then what are the benefits of freelancing.

There are many benefits of freelancing. Here we are telling you three (3) main advantages.


This is an online job, so you do not need to go to the office. You can do freelancing from anywhere. Be it your home or your hostel. Just make sure that wherever you are working from, there is a good internet connection so that you do not face any problem while working.


If you are a student and you have money problem then you can solve your money problem by freelancing. Even if you do not have money problem, you can still improve your skills by freelancing.

In this, there is no fixed time to work like an office, but it is up to you how much work you do. You will get money accordingly.

While doing freelancing along with studies, keep in mind that your studies should not be affected much. For this, you can make a routine and give some time to freelancing like 2-3 hours a day.


This is a self employed job . No one is your boss in this . You are your own boss. In this, you are saved from the scolding of the boss and the conspiracies of the colleague .

You can complete the work whenever you want, wherever you want and as long as your client’s work should be completed within the stipulated time. By freelancing you can live a boss free life.

Freelancing is a great way for students to hone their skills and earn money. Through freelancing, you can work for clients from abroad sitting at your home.

Becoming a freelancer is not very difficult, you can easily become a freelancer by following some steps like learn a skill which has a market demand, register yourself on a freelance website and create your portfolio.

You can do freelancing along with studies. For this you can give it 2-3 hours out of your entire routine.


Hope you have liked this blog post. In this you know freelancing kya hota hai? How can you become a freelancer? And if you become a freelancer then what are the benefits of freelancing . If you know any other benefit other than this, then definitely tell in the comment and share this blog post to others .

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