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How Do I Write an Essay About My First Day Experience in High School?

How Do I Write an Essay About My First Day Experience in High School? Every person definitely goes to school, he learns to read and write there. We all have our own experience when we go to school for the first time, in this article I have written essay on my first day in school. We have published all about our own experience. This essay will really help you in writing any type of esay regarding this!

How Do I Write an Essay About My First Day Experience in High School?

When I passed Eighth grade and went with my father to join secondary school for further studies, I found that the school there was much bigger than my primary school. There the children of the surrounding and far flung children were coming on cycles. There is a big play ground in front of the school in which football, cricket, kabaddi etc are played. 

There is a stage in front of the ground where programs are organized on 26 January and 15 August. There is a small platform in the school premises for hoisting the tricolor flag, where the flag is hoisted by planting it. 

The school was surrounded by a high boundary wall on all sides. There is also a handpump on the side of the school ground, from which pure water is filled in the tank and made available for the children to drink. There class 6th, There is enough room available for 7th and 8th class along with small book library as I have special interest in reading I was very happy to see that useful books were kept there. 

All the comfortable facilities have been made available for the students in the school. After filling the admission form in that school, we submitted it along with the prescribed admission fee, from that day onwards I started going to that school regularly.

Preparing for school

After admission, preparations for going to school start, for this I get the school uniform stitched from a tailor in advance and press it properly and keep it in the cupboard so that on the school day I do not have to search here and there for clothes. 

I buy essential things like books, notebooks and pens. The school is about 5 kilometers away from my house, so I will commute by bicycle, for that I first get the bicycle repaired so that there is no problem in commuting.

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My First Day At School

On the school day, I get up early in the morning, take a shower and get ready wearing the school uniform. School starts at 10:00 and dismisses at 4:00. On the first day there is no delay in reaching school, so I leave early with a bicycle. On the first day when I entered inside the school gate, I saw that everyone was excited to come back to school after summer vacation, everyone was talking with their classmates. The school was opening for the first time after the vacation, so the peons were busy cleaning the school.

There I had some talk with my new friends, then the peon of the school rang a bell and everyone stood up in a row. The teachers lined up at the front and we sang the national anthem and started the first day of school with a prayer song. The teachers welcomed all the new students to the school, we thanked them, after that everyone went to their respective classes and sat down.

Everyone in the class was a new student, all had passed 8th from different schools and had come to study in 9th class, hence it is natural that there would be many doubts in everyone’s mind. I tried to talk to the boy sitting next to me, asked him his name, he told me his name was Mohan, I told him my name, we talked a lot and he also became my good friend. 

Within no time we became friends, meanwhile the class teacher came to school, we said good morning to him. He introduced all the new students and told them their name and address. The teacher introduced himself and said that he will teach us the subject of science. The Principal informed all the students about the rules and discipline of the school and asked them to follow them.

It was a great experience to have lunch with all the friends in the afternoon. In the sports break, I went to play football in the field, chatting with new friends. There was no study on the first day of school and the whole day was spent getting to know the teachers and making friends. While playing, I didn’t realize when it was 4:00. The peon rang the long bell for the holiday and everyone ran to the school, picked up their bags and stood in line, and after singing the national anthem, the school was dismissed. I took my bicycle and rode it back home.


The first day of school was spent with fun, we saw the whole school and got introduced to the teachers. Made new friends. Enjoyed the game together in the field. Since it was the first day of school, the teachers offered sweets to everyone and all the children became happy. Before vacation, teachers requested students to come to school regularly. I shared all these experiences with my parents, I still remember the first day of school.

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