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How to Make Student Life Enjoyable?

How to Make Student Life Enjoyable? If students approach studies with devotion considering it as worship and do not feel bored or tired in it, then they can experience ultimate joy. Only that student can reach heights in studies who considers studies as a spiritual practice. Do it and submerge yourself in it.

In fact, happiness is a state beyond happiness and sorrow, which cannot be experienced by living in the world or running away from the world in the forest. Rather, when we turn inward, turn towards the conscience, and experience the soul, then Enjoyment is experienced.

The student who always does the work and study of his life and the world consciously. Endures the troubles, sorrows, adversities and difficulties in studies considering them as a game and when he overcomes them, he experiences immense happiness.

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How to Make Student Life Enjoyable?

Hindrance to Joy

If our mind has been filled with sad thoughts and negative attitudes for years, then we will not be able to experience happiness. Thinking creatively may require strict discipline, remember – no valuable thing comes easily. To enjoy happy thoughts, you will have to make intelligent efforts again and again and in the end you will definitely get success.

Sit down with a pen and paper and write down the happy experiences you have had throughout the day, either while studying or doing other activities in life. You will be surprised to see the number and breadth of them. As you develop the habit of making a list of them, As we move forward, new meanings will begin to emerge in happy experiences.

Every day, systematically repeat the happy memories in your mind through your thoughts. Immerse your thought process in the sweet or pleasant experiences that you have had in life. Your mind will want to taste the old happy memories and live them again, Inspired by them, he will start creating those experiences in the future. The pleasure-giving stimulation will penetrate your conscious mind and reach deep into the subconscious. As a result, your personality will be filled with permanent happiness.

Every student and person knows how to be happy. All the scriptures and true religious leaders teach the methods of being happy. The basics of the methods are the same. Stop hating others. Love everyone selflessly. Like people, don’t get angry at them. Stop being afraid. Don’t do wrong things and don’t fall into bad habits.

Stop thinking about yourself and work for the welfare of others. Every human being knows the method of being happy and that is why our scriptures say that if you know these things then do them also. When you include these things in your life. If you adopt it, you will definitely attain happiness.

The best way to experience happiness is to pray to God, pray with full faith and belief that He gives us so much wisdom and strength that we can fill our mind with healthy and beautiful thoughts, live happily and Can make others happy too.

The second solution is to keep in touch with those holy places and holy persons, who inspire us to live with new enthusiasm. Our religious texts also tell us the ways to bring true happiness, faith and order in life. Every person should seek inspiration from great men. He should study the thoughts and great texts of the poet regularly. This will help him in making his life happy and successful.

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Ways to Experience Joy

How to Make Student Life Enjoyable? Instead of becoming an abode of happiness, peace and well-being, today’s world has become a center of sorrow, disease and unrest. There are always clouds of despair all around. Still, man does not think why this is so? And out of selfishness, he is moving forward in darkness with his eyes closed. He is running away from the peace he is looking for. He doesn’t think why there is sorrow instead of happiness in the world? Why is there disease instead of health? Why is there despair instead of hope? 

Out of despair, he thinks that there is neither God nor any divine power in this world full of sorrow. Along with this, he curses his fate. He calls every success the result of his hard work and the opposite result he attributes to the cruelty of the Creator. All this Why? Is this not a disaster? This is a thoughtful question.

We do not see within ourselves that God has given us a never-ending store of happiness in our body. We are suppressing that store like a miser and look for that happiness in external things. How can we get that priceless thing, which We search in the forests, in the mountains, in the caves, in the material facilities, in the worldly things.

The deer has the musk in its navel, but it wanders from here to there to get it. Where will it find it if it searches outside? This is the condition of man at present who keeps searching for the hidden treasure of happiness in his heart in external things.

Is it necessary to do work for happiness?

Answer: If you want to achieve happiness, then do good deeds and selfless deeds. Only by increasing the high goal one step at a time, the goal of getting close to it will be achieved. For this, there will be no need for solitary meditation. There is something better in abandoning work and wandering in the world of imagination. It will not work.

By remaining engaged in good deeds, along with the white points, the gems of happiness can be accumulated. This is the best necklace-gift that can be presented to God, which is woven from the white threads flowing in good efforts. In search of happiness, For this, like the youth, we will have to struggle with the present.

Who has snatched away Anand?

Answer: Dullness, passivity, restlessness, interest in evil have taken away our innate right to happiness. Life seems dull because we remain inactive in the direction of good goals. We remain restless because by doing inaction and bad deeds we irritate the soul and in return If happiness is desired then the sequence of the journey of confusion going on in the direction of Niranand will have to be changed.

Stop for a moment and see whether the direction and effort to achieve what you want is right or not? The basis of the importance of attaining happiness as a result of contemplation is to understand the situation afresh and determine the life policy afresh.

Can happiness be achieved through meditation and yoga? 

Answer: Thinking about happiness is not bad, but it should germinate and grow like a seed, otherwise it will not be possible to sit in the shade of a banyan tree and taste the sweetness. Meditation and yoga have their own usefulness, but with that much alone it is not possible to be in the company of Sachchidananda.

How to Make Student Life Enjoyable? There is no static form of God, He is dynamic in the form of activity. The beauty and cleanliness of this world depends on the divine dynamism, we can walk on the highway of attaining God only by following it. Contemplation inspires for this. Only the feet will have to walk to reach the goal. Only devotion to work establishes life in the emotions. No one till date has been able to experience happiness without being engrossed in good deeds.

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